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A laptop has become a fundamental thing to haul around for the vast majority, including understudies and finance managers. As a result of the manner in which you utilize a PC, there is a high possibility that you may wind up harming it somehow or another or the other. It need not really be actual harm, as even issues with charging can get devastating for the individuals who need the PC on an everyday premise. In the greater part of cases, these harms can be fixed rapidly, and this is the place where we come in. At 800fixing, we have a specialized group who is talented at PC fix in Dubai. We have been performing diagnostics for a long time on PCs, everything being equal.

In light of our experience, these are the measurements of the most widely recognized deformities that a PC proprietor may have:

  • The video card is overheating and closing in the motherboard.
  • The laptop screen is broken.
  • The laptop does not keep the battery charge.
  • DDR memory modules do not function.
  • USB ports are damaged.
  • Ingress of water on the device keyboard.
  • Power supply damage. 35% of our customers have this problem.
  • PC does not charge. This problem happens because of the charging slot breach or battery failure.
  • Key damage. It mostly happens because of the incorrect use of the keyboard, additional efforts while typing, or low-quality components.
  • Device overheating due to the contaminated cooling system.
  • Windows failure.

The process of repair work at our service center

The client care specialist will request that you round out an in-take-structure which is an agreement between the organization and the client to offer the assistance. The structure will characterize the subtleties of the outer state of the PC, the deformity portrayal, the client’s contact data, and so forth After the diagnostics, the chief will reach you to report the test outcomes and the expense of additional maintenance. At the point when the fixes are finished, the client will get a SMS with the status and cost of the PC fix. At the point when you show up at the administration community, you can test your PC’s presentation, and simply after that do you pay. Interestingly, we don’t take any cash ahead of time. After the installment, you will get a check and a 1-year guarantee.

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